Featured essays/talks by Jonathan Haidt

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The Fragile Generation (with Lenore Skenazy) (10/26/2017)

Chronicle of Higher Education

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Hard Truths About Race on Campus [Cover Story in Saturday Review] (5/6/16)
How to Get Beyond our Tribal Politics [Cover Story in Saturday Review] (11/5/16)

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The Coddling of the American Mind [Cover story] (September 2015)

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Your personality makes your politics (1/9/14)
[Includes a brief on-line and indirect measure of political orientation]

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Of Freedom and Fairness (Spring 2013)
[Gives my analysis of the new front line in the American culture war]

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Moral values and the fiscal cliff (11/16/12)
[With Hal Movius. Offers advice on how to negotiate when sacred values make compromise much more difficult.]

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OpEd: We need a little fear (11/7/12)
[Presents the “asteroids” metaphor, and the claim that each side sees some of the threats facing America but is blind to others]

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America’s Painful Divide (September 2012)
[A condensed version of ch. 12. of The Righteous Mind]